CAP Reform

Dairying cost 4% of CAP spending -what cost after CAP reform - how many left in milk


Self Catering farmhouse holidays: Formerly of Shropshire, dairy farmers Andrew & Hilary Marsh + 4 daughters milk cows in the Charente area  - just below Brittany - France

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Registered Charity No. 208858
National charity of England, Wales & Northern Ireland dedicated to assisting members of the farming community who are suffering hardship.

Political - Pressure

Farmers for Action
Old Llanishen Farm Llangovan -
MONMOUTH Monmouthshire NP25 4BU

TEL - 01291 690224 FAX - 01291 690984
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House of Commons Library - email addresses

House of Commons MP e-mail's or Tel. 020 7219 3000 Write to your constituency MP to raise concerns

Cool Milk at School Ltd

Find out if your children could benefit from Cool Milk at School

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NASCO USA - Holstein Heifer Weigh Tape C15907N $2.90
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Laboratory Manager, Paul Sirois, analyses more than 100,000 samples a year from six continents making the DHIA Forage Laboratory one of the most widely recognized and respected laboratories in the world

Impartial Dairy Information

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Revamped MDC website - downloadable research summaries relevant to the UK.  UK dairy Farmer funded Resource

Wynn Grants CAP Page

Clients of SBConsultancy can contact Mark Perry to access quota deals, discounted semen, etc.  Contact Mark on:
mark.     +44 (01823) 491240    +44 (01249) 822381


British Society for Animal Science - online Journal soon.

Dairy Science

Babcock Institute for International Dairy Research and Development U.Wisc Madison USA. 


Western Canadian Dairy Seminar:  Probably the best Annual Dairy Industry and cow seminar - papers freely available on line.

Best information on the web for Dairy Cow Lameness

National Animal Disease Information Service

UK Vet National Animal Disease Information Service

MDC Evaluations

Formerly Animal Data Centre - now MDC Evaluations of UK Dairy Breeds

N.Ireland Dairying

First class resource to grassland management and dairying  in N.Ireland

Dairy Nutrition at Pennsylvania State University - & lots more

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